Roof Leak Testing

Leaking roofs cause huge amounts of damage and disruption every year. Not identifying the exact cause can result in numerous patch repairs which do not fully resolve the problem, causing the landlord to not only pay for inadequate repairs but also for continuing damage.

One of our key strengths is the ability to identify and provide solutions to our clients’ problems. Our specialist roofing division have invested in the latest in diagnostic technology to enable us to identify to pinpoint accuracy where a leak is. This is perfect for:

  1. Testing of a new roof installation
  2. A new leak discovery
  3. Advising on an old leaking roof

We use what is often referred to as “dry testing” equipment to electronically identify defects in the roofing membrane. This technique has two distinct advantages, firstly it can identify tiny defects such as pinhole punctures that are not always identifiable by eye; and secondly the accuracy of the location is within a millimetre. This method of electronic leak detection is ideal for use on any flat or low pitched roof and we currently undertake these inspections for large clients across the south of England.

All our testing is performed by a trained, certified operator of the detecting equipment and a full report is provided by the inspector. The leak test report will identify the location of the defects in the roofing membrane, the reasons for these defects and a breakdown of recommended solutions to the problems. Feedback from our clients has been that the report is invaluable in saving them money and disruption by providing confidence that the issues have been identified and the solutions implemented.